Putting our clients first since 1989

Established in 1988 by Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, the company obtained its certificate to commence business on 15th March 1989. Ghana Airport Company Limited took later over the Forex Bureau on 1st January, 2012. The company continuously strived to serve travellers with both local and foreign currency needs.

The Bureau operates three (3) counters; two counters, situated in the Commercial area of the arrival hall of Terminal three (3) to serve both arriving passengers and the general public who require forex exchange services to service custom charges, transportation and hotel expenses.

The third counter which is situated in the departure hall of Terminal three (3) serves customers who require forex exchange services to cater for the acquisition of air tickets, excess luggage’s and other expenses.

The Air Commerce Forex Bureau operates branches in the Ghana Airport Cargo Centre and the Kumasi Regional Airport.

The Air Commerce Forex Bureau operates a branch in the Kumasi Regional Airport which is situated outside the arrival hall. This branch offers forex exchange services to both travelling and arriving passengers as well as the general public.


To market foreign currencies to residents and visitors to Ghana courteously with the highest ethical standards to the satisfaction of its customers and with the view of making profit.


To provide professional and world-class forex exchange services for the benefit of our stakeholders.


We put our customers first. We work make every traveller happy.


We are a group of passionate, independent thinkers who never stop exploring new ways to improve trading for the self-directed investor and who don't mind shaking up the status quo to spur change for the better.

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